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The EXTRA program is designed for players with the ability, desire and dedication to play at a higher competitive level. These teams are formed through a tryout process  in late Spring and will then play during the upcoming fall and spring seasons. This team requires a one year commitment as well as an increased commitment from coaches, parents and players.  Our AYSO Extra program has now expanded into competition with regions is Sections 1, 10 and 11-now called SCEDSL (Southern California Extra Development Soccer League).  This is a travel team and the teams play games throughout AYSO Sections 1, 10 and 11-which are LA, Orange County and the Inland Empire regions.  League Games will be on Saturdays and Sundays.  Tournaments may be over 3 day holiday weekends or possibly out of state.

The goal is to have teams for age divisions 9U, 10U, 11U,12U,13U and 14U, but will only be formed if enough highly skilled players tryout and if a qualified coach is selected.  

How to play on an EXTRA team: 
Attend the tryouts in the Spring-this is MANDATORY for being eligible to join to the team.  Each player will be evaluated on their ball handling skills, offensive and defensive ability, game sense, speed, endurance and attitude. All players will be asked to declare their commitment level to the program and that will also be a factor in final player selection.  Player commitment is for 1 year.  Players, if selected, will be notified within a few weeks of the tryout.

Tryout Information HERE

How to coach an EXTRA team: 
Complete the EXTRA coach application, submit it before the deadline and interview with the Coaching Committee. Coaches are appointed based on many factors, both objective and subjective, and a variety of factors, including experience, player retention and coach certifications held.  Qualified candidates are those that have been a head coach for several seasons.  Referee certification is strongly recommended.  Age appropriate Coaching Certification is required  to be an EXTRA coach, but =  A higher level coach certification is ideal.


Applications Due by 12pm on April 5th


Q:Who is eligible to tryout for EXTRA?
A player is able to tryout as long as their age group is listed on the tryout form, we welcome players from other regions and organizations to try out.  For a player to remain eligible for a team they must not be affiliated with a club soccer team during the fall.

Q:How are player's selected for EXTRA?
A:  Players are required to attend a tryout. Coaches will run their age specific tryout and players will be evaluated by skilled player evaluators. Evaluators are looking for player skill, speed, effort, sportsmanship and understanding of the game. Volunteer referee commitment and family volunteer commitment also play a role in the selection of a player due to the extra level of volunteerism required to successfully run the EXTRA program.  In the weeks following the tryouts the coaches and evaluators will will form what they see is the best team to ensure growth and success for the players.

Q: What is the Season Game Schedule Like for Extra? 
A: Games may start in August/September and run through January.  Teams that qualify for playoffs for Area, Section and Western States will continue to compete through early spring. Most games are on Saturdays but sometimes games may need to be played on Sundays as well.  Extra plays approximately half of their games in other regions around the Inland Empire, Orange County and LA and the other half in Corona.  Tournaments can be played in the fall but typically the majority of the tournaments are in the spring and early summer.

Q: How Does EXTRA Compare to Club? 
A: Both AYSO EXTRA and Club are competitive soccer programs targeting players that have a stronger desire and ability to play the great game of soccer. However, AYSO EXTRA focuses on the development of players in a competitive (but not a cut-throat) environment. All players in the AYSO EXTRA program will play at least 1/2 of every game. We believe the game is the best teacher, and no child should have to earn playing time.  EXTRA costs $500-$800 per year.  Typically, Club programs cost between $1,000 - $3,000 per year.

Q: What is the Quality of Coaching/Training in the EXTRA Program? 
A: All EXTRA coaches possess the required Certification, and several of our coaches (like Club coaches) also hold the USSF E-Licenses or NSCAA equivalents. All of our coaches go through additional training and education to keep their skills and knowledge of the game up to date. As well, professional trainers also work with the teams/players to further develop and enhance their skills. These sessions focus on technical and tactical development of all players, as well as keeper training for those players who play that position.   

Q: What are the Costs Associated with EXTRA? 
A: The Registration fee for the full year for AYSO EXTRA is approximately $275 which is due at the start of the season. This includes all league games in the Fall season, professional skills training, play-off tournament, and a free tournament in January hosted by Region 37.  Uniforms, tournament fees and team apparel/gear are not included in the registration fees and will be the responsibility of each player to purchase or contribute.  Expect total costs for the year to be $500-$800.  Costs vary depending on the amount of tournaments the team plays in.  Teams are encouraged to fundraise to offset the cost.

QAs a parent, coach, referee and team manager on the team what is the level of commitment? 
A: Each Extra team will be required to have several certified referees on their team.  All Extra teams will be required to volunteer for the region during the year, this includes field duty, tent duty, referee assignments and snack bar assignments. Coaches will be asked to help with coach recruitment for the core program.  

Q: How Many Tournaments do Extra Teams Participate In? 
A: There is no limit but on average most teams play between 4-6 tournaments  in Spring and 1-3 tournaments in Fall/Winter. Some teams may play in out of town tournaments that require hotel stays. Each family is responsible for the cost.

Q: Can a player play on a core team as well? What about on a club soccer team or participate in another sport?
A player is only allowed to play in one program with AYSO.  Extra Players are not allowed to play for a club soccer program during the fall.  As for playing another sport, Extra teams require a higher level of commitment that is difficult to maintain if a player is involved with another sport. Again, this is a one year commitment.

If you have any questions about the EXTRA program, please email the EXTRA Administrator at [email protected]

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