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Q: What age division is my child playing in this season?  
A: MY 2021 Begins a new AYSO year. (August 1st, 2021-July 31st 2022). Much like a school year, players will play in a division in the fall and stay in the same division the following spring. 
FALL 2021 Divisions by Birth Year: (AYSO 2021 Year) Players are only allowed to play in their age group, no one will play up or play down a division.
2018-4U  This is a coed division.  Saturday sessions only. For more information go to the 4U/5U academy page 
2017-5U  Saturday sessions only.  For more information go to the 4U/5U academy page.
2012 & 2013-10U
2010 & 2011-12U
2008 & 2009-14U 
2006 & 2007-16U This is a coed division.
2005,2004&2003-19U This is a coed division.
VIP-Special needs and disabilities-2018 and older.  Saturday sessions only.

Q: When does Fall Season registration begin and end? When does the season actually start?
A: Fall registration begins April 25th and runs through July 10th. Fall registration is limited and placement on a team is NOT guaranteed even if registering before a final registration date. Priority placement on a team is given to parents willing to coach.  The season runs mid August-mid November, you will be contacted by the team coach by end of July or early August.  4U, 5U and VIP begin in September.  Check the region calendar on our website for important upcoming dates.


Q: I'm trying to register but there is a waitlist, what should I do?
A: Log in to your account and click on the available programs.  A waitlist may start in a division before the end of our regular registration time. This is due to needing to have an even amount of teams.  When given the option, select waitlist registration and advance through all screens, including the payment screen, it will stay at $0.  You will know you've successfully added your son or daughter to the list via email receipt.  If you would like to be a coach and you're on the waitlist, please email [email protected] Your son or daughter will be moved off the list and placed on a team if there is a need for coaches in that particular division. If your son or daughter can be moved to a team, you will receive an email and/or text asking if you're still interested in participating for the season.  If payment is not made within 3 days, the next player down the list will be contacted.  Players will be added from the waitlist through game 2 of the season.  Please see drop and refund policy if you wish to drop from a team, so that another player can fill the spot. 

Q: What is included with the registration fee?
A:  The $20 AYSO National fee is also included in the registration price, which is a non-refundable fee that every player pays once per AYSO year.  An AYSO year is Fall 2021-Spring 2021 (August 1st, 2021-July 31st, 2022).
For the fall season, teams in 6U-19U have a 10 game season.
-10U and older will also have the option of playing in 2 tournaments during the season. 
-Players in 4U, 5U and VIP participate in an 8 week Saturday only program.
The fee paid includes the uniform-jersey, shorts and socks. (6U-19U players only). For the fall season only, each player will receive the basic picture package from team picture day.  We do not have picture day during the spring season. 

Q:I already registered and paid online, do I need to turn in the completed registration forms?
A: No, with the new SportConnect system, registration forms no longer need to be submitted to the region. However, all players need to submit a copy of their birth certificate as previous submissions did not transfer over to the new system. \

Q: What equipment does my child need?
A: All players are required to wear shin guards for both practices and games.  Cleats and an appropriate sized ball are strongly recommended.  
Ball sizes:  size 3 for 4U,5U,6U,7U,8U.   Size 4 for 10U and 12U.  Size 5 for 14U and older.

Q: What days and times will my son or daughter have practice?
: Practices will be determined by each coach at the beginning of the season.  You will need to wait until your child is placed on a team and the coach contacts you to find out the practice schedule.  The game schedule is not set until the start of the season.
-4U, 5U and VIP do not have practice during the week, these divisions are Saturday only sessions.
-Teams for 6U-19U can practice either 1 or 2 nights a week.  
-Coaches are not required to have their practice at the same field where their games are played at. 
-4U, 5U,6U, 7U and 8U divisions have their games on Saturdays at Shearer Park.
-10U and older have their games at Santana Park.  10U, 12U and 14U play their regular season games on Saturdays and 17U will play their games on a weeknight.
Once the season starts and you meet your child's coach if their practice schedule does not work for you, you can fill out a drop form and receive a partial refund.  We cannot move the player to another team as each team is only allowed a maximum amount of players.

Q:Can I request for my child to have a specific coach or play on a team with their friends?
A: Unfortunately we do not honor special requests for teammates and coaches for 10U and older.  One of the AYSO philosophies is balanced teams, and we try our best to make the teams for the competitive age divisions balanced based  on players ages and player ratings. For 6U-8U we cannot guarantee your child will play with teammates or coaches from last season or on teams with classmates or friends.  Players are shuffled around to balance the teams based on confirmed coaches and player count.

Q:Are there tryouts that my son or daughter needs to attend?
A: Players in 10U and older (2012 birth year and older) and meet one of the following criteria need to attend a player evaluation session:
1) brand new players
2) players who are new to our region or
3)for those who haven't played in our region for more than 1 year. 
Dates for those will be posted at a later time. 

Q: My child is in 4U or 5U and we haven't heard from a coach yet, when does their season begin?
A:  For these divisions you will NOT be notified by a coach, instead you will be contacted by the program director Marla McIntyre.  AYSO 4U and 5U divisions are a bit different than the older divisions. There are not weekday practices, only Saturday Sessions which are run by a master coach and  parent involvement in 4U is mandatory.  5U players will be grouped onto small teams for the second half of each session and we do need coach volunteers.  Prior to the start of the season parents need to attend a meeting with the program directors.  You will then be given more information about the upcoming season.  Communication for this age group will be done mostly by email, please make sure that your email address is correct on your registration account. Email Marla McIntyre with questions [email protected]  Please also refer to the 4U and 5U handbooks which can be found under the programs tab of the website Click here

Q: Do you offer a program for kids with disabilities or special needs?
A: Yes, we have our VIP soccer program! Email Trish Baldwin at [email protected] for information.

Q: My child has suffered an injury or has decided to not play this season, do you offer refunds?
A:  Once payment is made, $25 is non-refundable.  Please see our Drop and Refund form for the full policy.  Email [email protected] to drop.

 Q: What happens if my child's team does not get a coach?

A: AYSO is an 100% volunteer organization and we rely on parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, older siblings (over 18yo) and family friends to volunteer as coaches for your children's teams. If no one from a team steps up to volunteer as a team coach, then we are left with no alternative but to disband the team. This is a last resort, but without volunteers we can not have team. This is why it is so important for parents to step up to volunteer. Coaching is also a very rewarding experience, each volunteer coach plays a very important role as a role model and mentor to the children they coach.  We offer online and in person coaching courses.   If you are interested in coaching please email [email protected]

Q: I'm unable to be a head coach, is there any other team volunteer position that I can help with?
A: Yes, every team needs an assistant coach, team manager and referees.  ALL teams need to have at least one certified referee on their team. Ideally, each team should have 2 or 3 referees so that duties can be shared over the course of the season.  Kids as young as 12 years old may become a certified referee. This a great way for them to earn community service hours for school.  Our region has several referee certification courses before the start of the season as well as a few weeks into to season. 

Email [email protected] with any other registration questions.

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